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Actualidades/Breaking News

Actualidades/Breaking News

Liliana Porter Actualidades/Breaking News 2016 Digital video

Duration: 22 minutes
Edition of 8
Signed and numbered
Conceived & Directed by Liliana Porter
Co-Director: Ana Tiscornia
Music: Sylvia Meyer
Videography and editing: Federico Lo Bianco
© Liliana Porter, 2016
(Inventory #28472)

Exhibited April 8, 2017 – April 28, 2017

This film was included in a rotating program of works created in video by four artists: Christian Marclay, Liliana Porter, Suara Welitoff and Julian Opie.  Instead of a group show where multiple videos are playing simultaneously, each artist’s work will be on view, on its own, for three weeks.  The choice of these four artists was an active one – to show the breadth and depth of work being made in and with video.

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