Catalogues Raisonnés

Krakow Witkin Gallery has a long history of research-based projects outside of the traditional role of galleries. One such example are catalogues raisonné. Multi-year projects that serve a broad audience with interest in understanding the complete works of an artist, these catalogues are free and available to all for research and personal edification.

Mel Bochner Catalogue Raisonné of Editioned Prints

Krakow Witkin Gallery, Publisher

A complete record of all editioned (and intended-for-editions) prints by Mel Bochner, including commercial and fine art processes. The catalogue raisonné begins in 1959 and is added to as the artist continues to make new prints.

Sol LeWitt Prints Catalogue Raisonné 

Organized by Barbara Krakow Gallery (now Krakow Witkin Gallery) Editor: Andrew Witkin

A complete record of all known, signed and numbered, editioned works on paper by Sol LeWitt. Beginning in 1947 and concluding in 2006, with over 350 projects, the catalogue is an organic project as new findings and small corrections do come to light. 

The Fred Sandback Catalogue of Graphic Works

Fred Sandback Archive

The catalogue raisonné The Fred Sandback Catalogue of Graphic Works provides comprehensive documentation of the artist’s graphic work of more than four decades. Sandback brought inventiveness, pictorial elegance, and pure skill to his printmaking endeavors, creating a body of work of lasting importance.