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Peter Downsbrough AROUND 1978

7 x 4 1/2 inches  (17.7 x 11.4 cm)

96 pages / Unpaginated / Perfect bound / Softcover

96 plates (dots, drawings, words)

Offset (black and white)

Publisher: Peter Downsbrough, available through Printed Matter Inc., New York

Printer: Century Printing Company, Inc., New York

Print run: not noted (1,082)

ISBN: 0-9602192-0-X

LCCC: 78-65770


For the second time, Peter Downsbrough used a photographic bleed on both front and back covers, as in In Front.  The image, which at first appears to be one photograph, is composed of two different vertical photographs separated by the spine; the pictures were taken in the same location but from slightly different angles.  Particular to this book is that throughout there is a double horizontal line on each page, above which are placed either one or two words or four dots.  This line is situated about an inch from the bottom of the page, with the exception of sixteen pages in the middle part in which the line-words or line-dots configuration is situated about an inch from the top of the page.  This is also the first publication where the artist’s name does not figure on the cover, but only on the spine.