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Peter Downsbrough AS TO PLACE 1978

7 x 4 1/2 inches  (17.7 x 11.4 cm)

112 pages / Unpaginated / Perfect bound / Softcover

71 plates, 5 chapters (photographs, Two Lines)

Offset (black and white)

Publisher: Peter Downsbrough, New York

Printer: Edwards Brothers, Inc., Ann Arbor, Michigan

Print run: not noted (992)

ISBN: 0-9602192-1-8

LCCC: 78-65771


Through the vertical approach, the cover of this book looks, at first sight, to be very similar to the previous one, AROUND.  Yet in relation to its content and the Two Lines image in combination with urban photographs, it is connected to books such as BESIDE, A PLACE, and AND.  New is the inclusion of a table of contents listing five chapters, the titles of which–“AS,” “TO PLACE,” “AND,” “TO PLACE,” “AS/AGAIN”–are not repeated in the book.  Again, the Two Lines drawings are usually placed at the bottom of the page.  The eight images are full-page vertical photographs of New York City street views.  Because of the double vertical lines–comparable to the two lines on the spine of TWO PIPES, FOURTEEN LOCATIONS or the body of AROUND–the cover is divided in two halves, with a monochrome metallic blue plane on the left and a New York street view–one half of a vertical photograph–on the right.  On the back cover, Peter Downsbrough placed a negative version of Two Lines.