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Blue Monday

Blue Monday

Kay Rosen Blue Monday 2015 Continuous loop on dvd, with sound

9 minutes, 12 seconds
Edition of 100
Signed and numbered on accompanying certificate
(Inventory #27931)

BLUE MONDAY- “Blue Monday” is one of the artist’s early lists. It was originally created in 1991 in response to an invitation from Michael Shamberg to contribute to a CD-Rom about “Blue Monday,” the best-selling 1983 hit by the British rock band New Order, for whom Shamberg was the producer. In 2005 it became a web project for the Bronx Museum, and in 2015, it was published as a continuous video with sound in an edition of 100 by Krakow Witkin Gallery. “Blue Monday” systematically combines every day of the week with each of the six colors of the spectrum in order to explore the alternatives to the colloquialism, “Blue Monday,” and to discover the poetic and personal associations of colors and days. Rosen’s piece begins on “Blue Monday” and cycles through 6 colors over the course of 7 weeks, taking 42 days to return to “Blue Monday,” all the while, the viewer experiences Orange Thursday, Green Friday, Yellow Saturday and 38 others.

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