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Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb

Kay Rosen Do Not Disturb 2007 Letterpress print

Image/paper size:  14 x 22 inches  (35.6 x 55.9 cm)
Edition of 100
Signed and numbered on reverse in graphite
(Inventory #28849)

In Kay’s words, “When I read about the creation in the text of Genesis, my thoughts were primarily about the abundance, diversity, and pristineness of life that was created and how impoverished and degraded it has become under our stewardship. We have squandered those remarkable gifts and  privilege almost to the point of no return. My contribution to “In the Beginning” concerns this critical issue.”

Through its text and through its form, Do Not Disturb functions as a message and as a metaphor.  It carries through it’s message, DO NOT DISTURB, a command to cease the reckless abuse of the earth.  Uncannily, the structure of the text verbally mimics the creation.  The text contains letters which are capable of grouping themselves into dominant families of D’s. I’s, S’s, T’s, and O’s.  Organizing themselves in this way, one letter under the other like letter, they create a system of divisions and classifications of similar forms.  This arrangement of text is very closely related to what happens in Genesis and to the methodical order and sequencing, divisions and relationships, as in “each after their kind” and “gathering together unto one place.”  The letters simulate an efficient model of Genesis through a process of alignment.  At the same time that they comment on the creation, the letters act it out as little verbal surrogates.

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