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Kay Rosen Draw 2021 Graphite and ink on paper with deckled edge

Image/paper size: 30 1/8 x 22 5/8 inches (76.5 x 57.5 cm)
Frame size: 26 3/8 x 34 1/4 inches (67 x 87 cm)
Signed, titled, and dated on reverse in graphite
(Inventory #32955)

DRAW – is a study in process and language. It combines mechanical production/print (the word outlines) and hand-made production/pencil drawing (the word interiors). All ten seemingly unrelated words on the list are direct objects of the invisible verb “draw,” as well as drawings in their own right. The list demonstrates the versatility of the verb “draw” and its multiple functions (to close, choose, pull, attract, inhale, unsheathe…) as it does double duty as a linguistic construct and a material one.

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