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Fixed Intervals

Fixed Intervals

Louise Lawler and Allan McCollum Fixed Intervals 1988-92 Set of five brass objects from a series of twenty

Edition of 25 (1A, 1-5)
Dimensions vary per element from two to eight inches in any direction, all elements are 1/2 inch deep
(Inventory #32767)


If works are similar, a fixed interval may be placed between
If works are different, a fixed interval may be placed between
Two fixed intervals are not placed without works between
If a work is isolated, a fixed interval may be placed before and after
If a work is absent, a fixed interval may take its place
A fixed interval paired with its reverse may be a fixed interval
A fixed interval is not a work in itself

The Fixed Intervals may be used to hold the place of an artwork that has been removed for conservation, lent to another museum or gallery, or stolen;

Placed between artworks, the Curator or Gallerist may use the Fixed Intervals to suggest connections between objects whose relationships are difficult to recognize;

Artists may use the Fixed Intervals to take the place of artworks which have never been made, or which may be made in the future;

The Art Historian or Critic may find the Fixed Intervals helpful as markers when they are designing chronologies.

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