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Daniel Buren Framed/Exploded/Defaced 1979 Unique color aquatint in 25 individually framed fragments, from a series of 46, where each work is in a different color, to be mounted on a wall in the prescribed manner

Installation dimensions are variable, each element is 8 x 8 inches (20.3 x 20.3 cm)
Initialed on accompanying certificate. Edition number and fragment letter are in the lower right corner on the back of each print fragment.
(Inventory #32763)

Originally, 40” x 40”, the work was cut into 25 equal squares. These square fragments were trimmed down an additional 1/4” on all sides to enable them to fit into 8” x 8” frames. The 25 individually framed fragments, when assembled, create together a 40” x 40” square. The 25 frames must expand to fit whatever wall is chosen for it to be installed upon. The fragments must retain their positions relative to each other throughout the process of expansion. The fragments should be dispersed regularly in equidistant horizontal rows and equidistant vertical columns. When an interference on the wall coincides with the position of a fragment, that fragment will not be installed, and will be put aside until possible future installation on another wall.

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