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Kay Rosen Sisyphus 1991 Gold ink printed on blue ribbon

18 3/4 x 2 inches (47.6 x 5.1 cm)
Candyass Carnival, Stux Gallery, New York, NY
Edition of unlimited edition
(Inventory #33026)

SISYPHUS – was originally created for the 1991 exhibition “Candyass Carnival” at Stux Gallery in New York City, featuring the work of Cary Leibowitz and friends. The video draws on two sources to depict futility and hope, as well as observations about language: the Greek myth of Sisyphus, a mortal who was condemned by the gods to roll a boulder up a hill for eternity, only to have it roll down again; and phonetic peculiarities in the English language. On the ribbon, Sisyphus is spelled different ways, but never correctly. There may not be another word which has so many possible spellings.

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