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Something Happened

Something Happened

Kay Rosen Something Happened 2017 Letterpress print on board in two parts

Image/paper size:  25 7/8 x 16 15/16 inches each  (65.7 x 43 cm each)
Edition of 10
Signed, numbered and dated on reverse on each sheet
(Inventory #28995)

Something Happened, 2017:
The text on the top right panel reads, CORNER, while the bottom left panel reads, CORONER.  As Richard Klein discusses in his essay about Rosen’s work for her solo exhibition at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, Rosen actively chooses the way text occupies the architecture of the page/paper.  The current installation of Something Happened is still only a ‘representation’ of a real-life event, yet it takes the artwork a step further beyond a discrete work on paper by placing the work in a real space jointly shared by the viewer.  Of course the extra “O” suggests that whatever happened wasn’t good.  As both an installation and an edition, the work leaves much space in the middle both literally and figuratively

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