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Two Towers

Two Towers

Kay Rosen Two Towers 1991 2 copies of the catalogue from The Shedhalle, Zurich, “Manum de Tabula,,” curated by Harm Lux showing Two Towers, legend, silkscreen on wall; Shorter version, 1991/1992, painting on wall, Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago + legend

(Inventory #33023)

TWO TOWERS – was installed as a wall painting in the exhibition “Manum de Tabula,” Shedhalle, Zurich, 1991, curated by Harm Lux, and in a solo exhibition by the artist at Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago, 1992. An accompanying legend was posted on an adjacent wall. Missing components or blocked and suppressed information have been one aspect of the artist’s work over the years. Two Towers selects pairs of identical or similar segments from words, continuing and carrying the Homophonia list of 1989 a step further. The strategy of two or more sets creates a dynamic requiring the viewer to decipher meaning from their relationship and the way they interact. Does one repeat the other, as in “mimicry?” Mirror the other, as in “photograph?” Reconstruct the other (“structure”)? Balance the other (equilibrium)? Do they become a sequence of some sort (“hierarchies”)? Locating the meaning more specifically, requires knowledge of the host word, demonstrating the significance of context in the construction of meaning.

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