One Wall, One Work: Allan McCollum

September 9, 2020
- October 2, 2020


The Shapes Project: Shapes to Paint
Each is a unique sculpture made from New England rock maple on a wood panel


We are happy to report that all “Shapes to Paint” have sold.  We are thrilled with such a positive response and thank you for supporting such a great cause !

For a $250 donation to Boston’s Artists for Humanity, you can purchase one of McCollum’s “Shapes to Paint”. Each “Shape” comes with a label card and unique identification number. They are purposefully left unpainted so that the owner can paint it how they see fit.

The artist originally made them as a benefit for Artists For Humanity at the time of his 2012 exhibition at Krakow Witkin Gallery which can be viewed here.  Allan McCollum: The Shapes Project: Perfect Couples


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