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December 1, 2012 – January 19, 2013

Exhibition View

Featuring works by

John Baldessari, Mel Bochner, Frank Egloff, Robert Mangold, Kay Rosen, Kate Shepherd, and Suara Welitoff

In the English language, blue is the name of a color and also an emotional state.  When used in visual art, blue has traditionally effected a great cross-sensory metaphor.  However, many shades of blue exist and many blue moods exist.  Each is a dynamic, multi-faceted ‘situation’ and so while the exhibition, “Blues” started with the color, it came to formation by looking this reality and accepting division as a key component.  While the works range from text (Kay Rosen and Mel Bochner) through video (Suara Welitoff) to painting (Frank Egloff and Kate Shepherd), each artist has created a work that holds together, yet is divided.  Both in figurative (John Baldessari) and abstract (Robert Mangold) ways, artists can pair, take apart and subsititute in ways that provide new opportunities to examine the formal, conceptual, emotional and social aspects of their works.

Works In Exhibition

Exhibition View

Exhibition View

Robert Mangold and Kate Shepherd

Curved Plane/Figure 1

Robert Mangold Curved Plane/Figure 1 1994 Aquatint in colors on two sheets

Edition of 50
Signed and numbered in pencil
Image/paper size:  42 3/4 x 58 inches   (108.6 x 147.3 cm)
Frame size:  51 x 66 1/2 inches   (129.5 x 168.9 cm)
(Inventory #23194)


Kate Shepherd Silver 2012 Acrylic and acrylic lacquer on wood panel

Signed “Kate Shepherd” and dated on reverse
56 x 42 inches   (142.2 x 106.7 cm)
(Inventory #24662)

after Atget, 1905, Versailles

Frank Egloff after Atget, 1905, Versailles 2012 Acrylic on canvas

Signed “Frank Egloff”, titled and dated on verso
44 x 66 inches  (111.8 x 167.6 cm)
(Inventory #24631)

Exhibition View

Exhibition View

Kay Rosen and Mel Bochner

Only the Lonely

Kay Rosen Only the Lonely 2012 Lithograph on handmade paper

Edition of 20
Signed, dated and numbered on reverse
Image size:  7 1/8 x 10 inches   (18.1 x 25.4 cm)
Paper size:  19 3/8 x 23 3/4 inches   (49.2 x 60.3 cm)
Frame size:  29 1/2 x 35 inches   (74.9 x 88.9 cm)
(Inventory #24333)

48 Inches

Mel Bochner 48 Inches 1997 Monoprint with engraving and embossment on handmade paper in two parts

Signed on reverse
Image/Paper size: 36 x 48 inches overall (Shaped Sheet)   (91.4 x 121.9 cm overall)
Frame size:  42 3/4 x 54 1/2 inches   (108.6 x 138.4 cm)
(Inventory #19201)

Exhibition View

Suara Welitoff Exhibition View


Suara Welitoff Kiss 2010 Continuously looping video (silent)

Edition of 10
Signed, titled, dated and numbered on each disk
Endless loop
(Inventory #25663)


Exhibition View

John Baldessari Exhibition View

One and Three Persons (with Two context-One Chaotic)

John Baldessari One and Three Persons (with Two context-One Chaotic) 1991/2012 Eleven-color lithograph and screenprint

Image/paper size: 48 x 37 3/8 inches (121.9 x 94.9 cm)
Frame size: 53 3/4 x 42 1/2 inches (136.5 x 108 cm)
Edition of 48
Signed and dated lower right, numbered lower left
(Inventory #24558)

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