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Bronlyn Jones


“There is an essential ambiguity I am drawn to and I accept” (Bronlyn Jones, 2013)

Jones’ works are based in geometry, but the materials and processes used are organic, sensitive and specific.  In her paintings, she chooses the grain of specific sections of wood from large sheets.  Her choices involve thinking about references to landscape and also the abstract formal patterns of the grain .  Paper is laid down carefully on the wood.  Gesso and paint are applied evenly, sparingly and specifically.  Some edges are painted particularly and other edges are allowed to wander.  Positive and negative are balanced, whether in the image (paint on paper on wood) or in the physical form of the choice of space between panels.

These themes of chance, choice and control are deeply part of Jones’s works, as well as being deeply ingrained in her ethos in life.  Time spent experiencing, looking, seeing and observing these works is well rewarding, aesthetically and emotionally.  In a world full of bombast, a bit of quiet inquisitiveness is a gift.

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