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Maryellen Latas

Exhibitions at Krakow Witkin Gallery

Annual AIDS Benefit 2018

December 1, 2018 – December 6, 2018

Works are first made visible on the website and in the gallery on Saturday, December 1st at 10am.

All proceeds to benefit The Dimock Center’s Boston Pediatric and Family AIDS Program

Group Show

June 18, 2005 – July 28, 2005

Featuring works by Josef Albers, Uta Barth, Mel Bochner, Daniel Buren, Chuck Close, Mike Glier, Jenny Holzer, Alex Katz, Maryellen Latas, Sol LeWitt, Julian Opie, Jeff Perrott, Jonathan Seliger, Kelly Sherman, Bill Thompson, Peter Wegner, and Laura Wulf

Summer Group Show

June 14, 1999 – July 30, 1999

Featuring works by, Josef Albers, Erika Blumenfeld, Lori Bonante, Barbara Broughel, Maggi Brown, noon n. coda, Laura Evans, Tom Friedman, Scott Hadfield, Donald Judd, Maryellen Latas, Sol LeWitt, Pasquale Natale, Necee Regis, Fred Sandback, Kate Shepherd, Jim Stroud, Bill Thompson, and Suzanne Ulrich

General Consensus

June 7, 1997 – September 17, 1997

Featuring works by Michael Beatty, John Chamberlain, Donald Judd, Elizabeth King, Maryellen Latas, Sol LeWitt, Agnes Martin, Wes Mills, Maurizio Pellegrin, Robert Rauschenberg, Ed Ruscha, Fred Sandback, Richard Serra, Paul Shore, Kiki Smith, Seton Smith, Jim Stroud, Leslie Wilcox